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From the Heart Dog Training provides two main services; Dog Obedience Training and Doggie Daycare Service. We also offer consultations which are usually a one time visit to resolve behavior problems and/or one on one instruction. Consultations are generally held in the home.

Barabara From The Heart Dog Training

Basic Training

In this class you will work on all the basic manners needed to be a good dog; sit, down, stand, stay, heel, leave it, and much, much more, but more importantly you will have fun training and begin to ‘understand’ your dog. From the Heart is a behavior based training facility. We are about respect and building a strong bond with you and your dog. 

Doggie Daycare From The Heart Dog Training


Paws at Play™ is a doggie daycare service that provides a fun, learning, and social environment for your pet while you are away for the day. In south Salinas, we are centrally located with easy freeway access. Convenient hours give plenty of time to arrive at work with time to spare.

Private in-home dog training From The Heart Dog Training


Private in-home dog training is a service provided to those who cannot commit to classes for a multitude of reasons including work schedules, a truly unruly dog, and many other reasons. With private lessons we can address individual problems that may not be discussed in a class environment, lessons may be scheduled with a bit more flexibility, and you receive concentrated training. Call to see if private lessons are correct for you and your dog.

Fun-gility Dog Agility Training


Fun-gility is our version of agility, but without the stress. Our courses are low impact and change each week. All dogs get three on-leash runs and its a drop-in course so there isn’t an ending time. It just depends on how many dogs attend. We are not serious contenders nor do we pretend to be, so if you’re looking to compete this definitely is not for you. As one of my clients said years ago… “the only way this class could get better is if you offered wine.”

From The Heart Dog Training

Small Dog Social

Small dog social, is a weekly event held for dogs under 30 pounds or under 6 months of age. This is the place where your dog learns dog language from other dogs. The small dog social is a weekly event (but please make sure to check with us each week). We start promply at 9:00am. For more information, please contact the training center at 783-0818.

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

This is ABSOLUTELY the best class where we begin to build the foundation for your soon-to-be adult dog. Research tells us that the window of socialization closes at 13 weeks of age. This does not mean you can never socialize an older dog but it does mean that it will be much harder.

Puppy Training Class

Pet Requirements

Must have current shots

To maintain our incredibly high safety standards and satisfaction ratings, we require your pup to be, current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines*

We can take puppies at 8 weeks

Provided they have received one vaccination. We ask you carry the puppy inside from the parking lot, once inside they can be put on the ground.

Pass our Interview & Trial Day

To maintain our incredibly high safety standards and satisfaction ratings, we require your pup to be, able to pass our Interview and trial day.

Friendly with other dogs and people

To maintain our incredibly high safety standards and satisfaction ratings, we require your pup to be, friendly with other dogs and people.

Looking For A Professional?

Located in Salinas, CA, From the Heart Dog Training provides dog and puppy training classes, doggie daycare, lectures, speciality classes and much more.

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Barbara De Groodt is the owner of From the Heart Animal Behavior Counseling and Dog Training in Monterey County. The motto of From the Heart is “Respect your pet: train without pain!”

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